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The VOID UNION is a musical collective, brought together by their love of Jamaican music styles. Their core line-up consists of Thad Merritt (Bass), Jesse Hayes (Drums), Rich Graiko (Trumpet), Alex Stern (Guitar), and Anant Pradhan (Tenor, Alto Sax), but they frequently invite other, like-minded, musicians to sit in on their albums and at their shows. If its sweet timeless Jamaican grooves you're looking for, come see the VOID UNION, you are guaranteed to find your foot tapping and your booty shakin. Their years of experience in the Jamaican music scene have earned the VOID Union's members the credit and respect of many renowned musicians. Some of those musicians include Lynval Golding (the Specials) Chris Rhodes (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, SpringHeeled Jack and The Toasters) Rick Johnson (Mustard Plug) Jim Conti and Mikie Brown (Streetlight Manifesto) and Dan Regan (Reel Big Fish), who are all featured on the VOID Union's upcoming album. The VOID UNION's mission is to always keep music and art the number one priority. All in all, the VOID UNION just wants to make sweet music and keep people on the dance floor all night long.

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